Like any battery, a car battery can run out of juice. If yours is low on power or your car won’t start, we can help. Our expert mechanics can test your car battery and fit a new one if needed. Battery problems usually happen when you least want them to, but M3 Van Sales offer an on-demand service – that means we’re here whenever you need us!

Also, we’ll save you money compared to dealership prices too. We keep it really simple, there’s no need to book – if you’ve got a problem, just drop into the centre and one of the team will check your battery out. If you need a new one fitted, we can normally do that on the spot even for more complicated installations, like start/stop, AGM or EFB batteries.

When you buy a new car battery from us, we’ll recycle your old one for free.Government legislation means that getting rid of your old battery isn’t as straightforward as you might think. So why not do your bit for the planet and let us look after it?